Start Living Intentionally

workplace wellness

How do you like to start your Monday morning?

The alarm rings, you groan and roll over to slap the snooze as your kids come running in to jump on the bed?

You wake up thirty minutes before you need to and intentionally start the week either reading, meditating, or having a wholesome breakfast?

I have been thinking a lot recently about intentional living. Intentionally acting in a manner that will increase your wellness, that will help you have more time with the people you love, time to grow and renew your thinking.

I spoke with a friend recently who has started his morning routine a half hour before kids wake up with a nespresso and outdoor hot tub in the fresh air with the sunrise, letting his creativity get flowing before he starts his day with his family. It has made a significant difference in his interactions with his family to start the day, as well as his creativity with his business.

For me, and I’m sure a lot of people, life can often be put on cruise control or automatic, and before I know it, a day goes by with my head on the pillow not having really considered many of my actions.

• Put the kids to bed, grab a scotch and turn on Netflix.
• Feeling snacky, grab some chips and watch a hockey game.
• Bored? Grab the phone and scroll away.

But what do any of those things do to improve my quality of life?

So what would you do differently if you took the time to think about it intentionally? How would you change your Monday morning to start living intentionally instead of on cruise control? What could this do for your wellness?