Organizational Wellness Plan

Enhance Workplace Wellness and Productivity

We understand that the well-being of staff is vital to a healthy working environment. That’s why we have developed our Organizational Wellness Plan, which provides comprehensive insight into an organization’s current wellness practices and policies, and provides actionable solutions based on the unique needs of your team.

The goal of the Plan is to provide you with a clear understanding of your organization’s strengths and areas for growth in terms of staff wellness and organizational effectiveness. We will also provide you with specific, actionable recommendations for improving the wellness of your staff.

Each of our Plans includes

  • An initial discovery meeting with your executive and human resources teams;
  • A review of current policies, strategic plans and current programs;
  • An introductory meeting with your staff to outline the process;
  • A tailored survey of your entire staff based on our four pillars of wellness;
  • Focus group discussions with your staff either in group discussions or individual conversations;
  • A customized report highlighting key affirmations and recommendations for your organization;
  • A tailored presentation of findings to the executive team; and
  • A follow-up consultation at the six month mark to ensure your organization is moving forward effectively, including amendment to your final report to showcase your progress.

We believe that our Organizational Wellness Plans are an essential step in creating a healthy and productive environment. We would be honored to work with your organization.