Enhancing Workplace Wellness

Enhance your workplace wellness with our proven strategies and resources. Our team helps workplaces achieve a healthy working culture that can lead to increased productivity, employee satisfaction, and retention.

How We Support Organizations

Keynotes & Workshops

Are you looking for an engaging speaker for your next conference, or a trained educator to lead your team through it’s next professional learning session?

Our keynotes and workshops provide you with flexibility from 60 minutes, half-day to full day options and beyond. We have experience speaking to small teams as well as large conferences up to 1200 delegates. With customized learning solutions aimed at enhancing overall organizational wellness and effectiveness, you can be sure your engagement is in good hands.

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Organizational Wellness Plan

An Organizational Wellness Plan is an in-depth investment into your organization. Are you feeling like your team is struggling, there has been higher turnover, a possible leadership change, and you’re looking to get to the bottom of it and get your team back on track?

The goal of this Plan is to provide data to inform decision-making and effectively develop an implementation plan that meets the needs of the company. We work with leadership to identify current strengths as well as areas of growth and opportunity. We hear from everyone on the team to ensure all staff have a voice in the process. Together, we build a plan to support your team as they truly need to be supported.

Strategic Planning

Working with your team, we develop actionable, measurable goals and strategies to provide innovative solutions and integrate them into the organization’s overall strategic plan.

Named as a top Strategic Planning Company for 2023, Well By Design is unique in the way we approach the Strategic Planning for your company. We work with you to infuse actionable wellness initiatives into your plan in a proactive, measurable way. This has been shown to improve workplace culture, employee engagement, and productivity.

Personal Wellness Assessments

Our Personal Wellness Assessment provides you with an overview of your current state of wellness, then provides you with actionable strategies that you can implement today to move forward in your wellness journey. 

These assessments are an excellent opportunity to infuse wellness into your workplace and start the conversation.  Each member of your staff can receive their own access, view their results individually, and bring forward suggestions to 1-1 leadership and professional growth meetings. This opens the door to wellness discussions, supports leadership in how to embed wellness into the workplace, and ensures all staff have the support they need. 

Our Mission
To empower organizations with proactive solutions that enhance employee wellness, engagement, and productivity. We promote a supportive work environment that fosters a lifestyle of well-being for all clients.
Where every workplace prioritizes and invests in the wellness of its employees, resulting in thriving organizations and fulfilled individuals.

Our Values


We believe in working closely with clients to understand their unique needs and to co-create solutions that drive results.


We empower individuals and organizations to take control of their own well-being and create a supportive work environment.


We strive to create long-lasting change by promoting a culture of wellness within individuals and organizations.

Respect and Inclusivity

We believe in fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace where all employees are valued and respected.


We build trust through authentic communication, honouring the process, and upholding the highest standards of confidentiality.


We believe in the importance of balancing professional and personal life and encourage clients to prioritize their well-being.

Recent Clients


      Recognized by Manage HR Magazine  as a ‘Top 10 Strategic Planning Service Provider in Canada 2023’

          Recognized by HRM Outlook Canada as a ‘Top 10 Corporate Wellness Firm 2023’