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With over 15 years of experience in the wellness and leadership sectors, I have lived and experienced the need for wellness in the workplace. It is amazing how many people have either known someone, or been the someone themselves, who have had a major health scare or life event that triggers the need to focus on wellness. If only we could gain the lesson without the experience.

In my speaking engagements, I aim to inspire and motivate individuals and organizations to prioritize their health and well-being. Each presentation is tailored to the specific needs and interests of the audience, with the goal to move wellness knowledge the 30cm journey from the head to the heart, where it becomes an active and vibrant part of our lives.

Presentations are designed to be interactive and engaging, with opportunities for audience participation and Q&A sessions. Individuals and organizations will walk away from our time ready to prioritize their health and well-being, leading to improved overall health outcomes and increased productivity in the workplace.

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Keynote & Workshop Topics

Thriving Not Surviving: Building Sustainable Habits for Wellness

More than ever, mental health and wellness is an important aspect of a healthy workplace culture and environment. When people are healthy and organizations focus on wellness, it leads to loyalty and engagement, higher productivity, reduced absenteeism and illness, and a better overall workplace.

In this workshop, participants will learn about Well By Design’s four pillars of wellness, and complete their own personal wellness assessment. Based on their personalized results, participants will develop strategies to support their personal and professional wellness, including sustainable habits for wellness.

I am amazed how many people put all of their effort into the success of their career and life from a knowledge and ability point of view, and just expect their wellness to always be there for them. But you know what they say: “When you have your health you have a thousand wishes – when you don’t you only have one.”

Join this workshop and take the first step in ensuring your wellness today.

Steven’s presentation on wellness was not only engaging but also incredibly insightful. His passion for wellness shines through, and his workshop was a valuable reminder of the importance of taking care of our well-being. Thank you, Steven, for an eye-opening session!

University of Alberta, Augustana Campus

Healthy Leaders, Healthy Teams

Leaders play an incredibly important role in the creation and support of healthy
workplace cultures. By Intentionally promoting wellness habits, and living them out
in the workplace, leaders inherently give permission for their teams to do the same.

The challenge is that too often, leaders try to lead as they would want to be led, rather than leading as their team truly wants and needs them to lead. By understanding how the keys to effective leadership, how to navigate complex challenges and empower your team, leaders learn how to move their teams forward in a sustainable, productive way.

This workshop prepares leaders and aspiring leaders for effectively leading their
organization to a healthy workplace culture.

Healthy Leaders, Healthy Teams was just what our leadership team needed. We have a fairly new team, and they have great technical expertise. Bit they have been struggling with the personal side of leadership.

Steven's workshop gave us tangible ideas for how to have those complex conversation, how to lead our teams in a way that they respond to, and how to prioritize our leadership. This was an excellent session and I would recommend it for any organization!

BHD Instrumentation

Knowing Me Knowing You: Aligning Your Core Workplace Teams

Would you like a quicker and smarter way to know yourself and others? Would you like to develop greater competence and confidence in the way you communicate and empower your team?

Working with the proven T.L.C. model, participants will develop highly effective people skills as they acquire an awareness of the natural tendencies and behaviours of themselves and their teams.

By the end of this workshop, participants will have gained a deeper understanding of who they are as leaders or aspiring leaders, their own natural and developed strengths and abilities, how to align your core working teams, and how to communicate with confidence.

Today, the BHD leadership team learned about effective communication to support healthy leadership, identifying areas of potential conflict and developing strategies for authentically addressing them. When employees are healthy, happy, and engaged, they can be more productive, more creative, and more committed to their work. Well By Design aims to create a culture that values employee well-being and encourages success for all.

Joel, Managing Director BHD Instrumentation

Wellness KPI's: Turning the Unicorn Into Actionable Strategies for Success

Are you tired of chasing the elusive concept of workplace wellness, just like trying to capture a unicorn? Our Wellness KPI’s workshop is your guide to transforming those aspirations intro practical, achievable strategies that can truly make a difference. 

This session begins by delving into your company’s core values and strengths, while also shining a light on areas where challenges or potential issues may exist. By identifying these critical elements, we uncover valuable insights that are often hidden in plain sight.

We then explore key wellness themes and focus on setting clear, measurable and attainable goals. Together, we develop practical strategies and actionable insights to create a wellness strategic plan that’s not only attainable but also easy to implement.

Our Wellness KPI’s workshop is all about translating your company’s wellness aspirations into tangible, measurable results. Say goodbye to the mythical unicorn of wellness and hello to a proactive, data-driven approach to employee well-being that’s sure to bring real change and improvement to your organization.

Thanks for our time together and consolidating it into this action plan. It is more than just a start, it is great launchpad for the organization. By understanding the underlying drivers of healthy workplace teams, the team can work towards creating a more positive and productive work environment.

Joel, Managing Director BHD Instrumentation

Grounded in Wellness: Engage with Nature to get Back to Baseline

In our fast-paced, technology-driven world, it’s easy to lose touch with the simplicity and beauty of nature. Our ‘Grounded in Wellness’ workshop invites your team to step away from the hustle and reconnect with the fundamental elements of well-being by immersing themselves in the tranquility of the natural world.

During this workshop, participants embark on a restorative nature walk that emphasizes the refreshing and peaceful qualities of the outdoors. They will have the opportunity to walk alone, offering a chance for self-reflection, creative inspiration, and truly live in the moment. Additionally, they will walk with colleagues, providing a space for meaningful conversations and shared experiences. Along the way, they will learn key insights into the value of personal and professional wellness.

This workshop provides practical tools for incorporating wellness into daily routines in a manageable way. It’s a down-to-earth experience that will leave everyone feeling refreshed and motivated to prioritize their well-being, with a renewed energy for their professional work.

I really enjoyed the environment of the presentation. It felt like there was genuine thought and care out into what was being said and presented. Thanks for a great day!

University of Alberta, Augustana Campus

Well By Design: A Workspace Designed for Wellness and Productivity

Let us help you create a workplace that’s not just functional but genuinely promotes wellness. We believe that a well-designed workplace can make a profound difference, not only physically but also culturally.

This session delves deep into the significance of cultural wellness, emphasizing the importance of a harmonious, supportive work environment. We explore ways to optimize the physical workspace to encourage collaboration, well-being, and innovation while maintaining a calming yet engaging atmosphere.

One unique aspect of our workshop is that we collaborate directly with experienced interior designers. This partnership ensures that your workspace is not just practical but also thoughtfully designed for optimal wellness. Together, we address every detail, from lighting, color choices, office furniture, and decor to workspace layout as we guide you in creating intentional spaces that inspire creativity and well-being.

Ultimately, our goal with this workshop is to guide you in crafting a professionally designed workspace that champions wellness, leading to greater productivity and higher engagement. Say goodbye to the conventional office setup and embrace a thoughtfully designed space that empowers your team to thrive both culturally and physically.

Beyond Resilience: Building Your Personal and Professional Armour of Wellness

Resilience is a valuable trait, but in today’s demanding world, it’s not enough to merely bounce back from setbacks. To truly thrive in the face of challenges, you need more than resilience; you need a robust wellness armor.

This workshop is all about being intentional in building that armor. It’s about preparing for the inevitable challenges, rather than merely reacting to them. By proactively fortifying your wellness, you can effectively sidestep burnout during difficult times and ensure you’re well-equipped to face any adversity that comes your way.

Our ‘Beyond Resilience’ workshop is designed to empower you with the tools and insights to construct a personal and professional wellness armor that’s as solid as it is flexible. We don’t just help you recover from adversity; we equip you to prevent burnout and anxiety proactively.

Don’t wait for burnout to strike or anxiety to overwhelm you. Take charge of your wellness and equip yourself with the protection you need. Our ‘Beyond Resilience’ workshop is your key to greater strength, balance, and confidence in the face of life’s trials. Don’t just survive; thrive. Join us and become your best, most resilient self.

I almost cried, but I didn't want to cause a scene. It felt like you were speaking directly to me and I needed this session. Thanks for an amazing day!

Teacher, Thorburn Consolidated School

The Human Factor: Unleash Wellness to Combat People Risk in the Workplace

In today’s ever-evolving workplace, the your people are your most valuable asset, but also your most significant risk. Our ‘The Human Factor’ workshop is here to empower you with the knowledge and tools to transform your organization and ensure your team is productive, healthy and engaged.

In this workshop, we’ll help you pinpoint the areas where your organization excels, as well as the challenges negatively impacting the workplace, particularly those related to people and culture.

We equip you with practical, actionable strategies to build healthy, resilient teams and embed a culture of wellness into your organization’s DNA. By doing so, you’ll be ahead of the curve, proactively defending against burnout, anxiety, stress, absenteeism, and other challenges that can reduce productivity and engagement.

Sign up for this workshop today, and unlock the potential for a workplace that thrives in the face of adversity.

NARIMs hosted Steven as a speaker for one of our speaking series, where we dove into understanding the root cause behind quiet quitting, the great resignation and burnout. Steven was personable in his presentation as he provided real stories to engage the audience in more profound thought.
The presentation discussed metrics to track within an organization and how to communicate with HR stakeholders to ensure the organization’s health is addressed. Steven provided a well-thought-out presentation, engaged the audience on a deeper level and provided great insight into this risk.

Gary, Northern Alberta Risk and Insurance Management