Strategic Planning

Enhance Workplace Wellness and Productivity

Well By Design is focused on enhancing workplace wellness. Through our services and learning opportunities, we strive to empower organizations with proactive solutions that enhance employee wellness, engagement and loyalty, as well as productivity. We promote a supportive work environment that fosters a lifestyle of well-being for all clients.

What separates us from other companies is that we strongly believe in including wellness into a company’s strategic plan in actionable, measurable ways. When your team is healthy, they are more productive, more engaged, more loyal to the work and the team

Most companies are trying to meet the needs of their team, but often we find that the strategies and programs they are offering are not having the intended outcome.

We advocate for organizations to take part in our organizational wellness assessment as a first step in identifying goals for wellness.

Well By Design Inc. Consultants provide comprehensive workplace wellness support to organizations through our POWAR Assessment. We work with your team to review your policies and programs, survey your staff, and hold focus group discussions to understand your organizational strengths and opportunities. Our customized assessment highlights affirmations and recommendations for improvement, and includes a wellness Roadmap for the first 6 months.

With every Strategic Planning engagement, your company can trust that Well By Design will be with you each step of the way to ensure a seamless process that highlights your company’s core goals, and how to achieve them. Each engagement includes the following:

  • Initial discovery meeting with company leadership,
  • Detailed and widespread stakeholder engagement based on principles of the IAP2 spectrum of engagement;
  • Themed analysis of results,
  • In-person or virtual workshop to engage with current Strategic Plan initiatives as well as identify new goals and targets; and,
  • The final development of an approved Strategic Plan.
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